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Conrad Kacsik Process Certifications

  • Temperature Uniformity Surveys ensure that there are no temperature variations from area to area within furnace
  • System Accuracy Checks ensure thermocouples and instruments are providing an accurate depiction of temperature
  • Process Verification & Certification
  • Optimize Furnace performance and energy efficient production
  • Aircraft and Pharmaceutical Specifications

Applicable Certification Documents

  • AMS-H-6875A Heat Treating
  • AMS-H-6088A Aluminum Alloys
  • AMS-2750E Pyrometry
  • ANSI CIRC.MC96.1 Thermocouples ASTM E220-80 Thermocouples
  • Boeing Aircraft BAC5621H MIL-STD-45662A
  • ANSI.NCSL Z540
  • ISO 9001-2000

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